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A.E. Venu Uthappa - President

A former International Umpire and National Player, Venu has worn many a hats in his illustrious career spanning nearly 40 years, first as a player, then as a technical official / International umpire and subsequently as an astute administrator. He has served Hockey in Karnataka in many capacities of membership in the Executive Committee since twenty years. A Planter by profession and a true sportsloving Coorgi in heart, Venu has consistently displayed a sense of benevolence and philanthropy while organizing tournaments.



Smt. Radha Murthy - Senior Vice-President

Radha Murthy is a Melvin Jones Fellow, which is the highest honor that is bestowed upon a Lions Clubs International Member for dedicated and selfless humanitarian service to the society. Mrs. Murthy was the President of the erstwhile Karnataka State Women’s Hockey Association (KSWHA) from 2000 to 2012 till KSWHA merged with the KSHA. During the time she with her dedicated team of office bearers had striven to spread and develop the sport for women in rural and district areas. She was also the Vice-President of the Indian Women Hockey federation for a term and presently is the Vice-President of the Indian Hockey Federation. Mrs. Murthy has also served the National Speech and Hearing Impaired Association and was a member of the Commission for Women in Karnataka.

Dr. Ganesh .M.P - Vice President

Mullera Poovayya Ganesh is a former Indian Hockey player. He was also captain and coach of the Indian team. He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 1973. Ganesh played for India at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, finishing third. He twice represented India in the Asian Games, first in 1970 in Bangkok and then in 1974 in Tehran. Both the times India returned home with a Silver medal. He was in the Indian team that won Bronze at the first World Cup at Barcelona in 1971 and captained the team that won Silver at the next World Cup in Amsterdam. He played for India at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, finishing third and settling for a Bronze. He also played for World XI in 1972 and Asian XI from 1970 to 1974. Ganesh was the official coach to the Indian team that participated in the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, 1989 Champions Trophy in Berlin, 1990 Indira Gandhi International Hockey Tournament in Lucknow and the 1990 World Cup in Karachi. He was the Chairman, Coaching Committee of the IHF in 1998.He completed his MA in English, Diploma in Sports Coaching from the National Institute of Sports, Patiala and Ph.D in Physical education. He was the former Treasurer of the Indian Women’s Hockey and Director of Sport Authority of India (SAI).

Dr. M.P. Gokulraj - Vice President

Academician – Professor in University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore . A former International Sports person and represented the Karnataka State in Hockey with aplomb as a Captain. Dr. Raj has served the Executive Committee of the KSHA in various capacities but particularly for the administrative acumen and technical expertise.

Ashish Kumar Ballal - Vice President

Ashish Ballal is a former Indian goalkeeper of Field Hockey. He represented India in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 1990 World cup, 3 Champions Trophy tournaments (1989, 1993, 1996), 2 Asian Games (1994, 1998) and 2 Asia Cups (1989, 1993). Ballal became a household name in India when he saved two tie-breaker goals in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games final against South Korea. India, captained by Ballal, went on to win the Asiad hockey gold at Bangkok after a gap of 32 years. For his outstanding contribution to the game of hockey, Ballal was bestowed with the Arjuna Award in 1997 by the Government of India. In a laudable effort, he runs the Ashish Ballal Hockey Academy in Bangalore as his way of giving back to the game of hockey in India

Basavaraj .N.S - Vice President

A top ranked official in the Department of Transport in Karnataka, Basavaraj has contributed many a mite to Hockey in Karnataka. He has served the KSHA as an Executive Committee member and subsequently as the VP in this current term. He has been part of the team that has executed many a projects in the Clubhouse.

Shri. Poonacha .B.C - Vice President

A former International Hockey player, Poonacha’s exploits on the field have enthralled many. Known for his technical expertise and studied approach towards the sport, he has represented the country and the state from the ranks of a junior and worked his way up to heights. Presently serving his first term as VP, Poonacha is also the Chairman of the Club House.

M. Alexander - Vice President

A former International Sports person and a dedicated technical official, Alex (as he is fondly called by everyone) is one of the highest qualified coaches in Karnataka. He is an FIH certified coach in Karnataka. Alex is a keen student of the sport and has had the record of producing many famous players in Karnataka under his mentorship. Alex has a diploma in coaching from the NIS, has attended the IOC solidarity course and futures hockey coaching course in USA. As a coach Alex has the reputation of winning two National games and a silver and a bronze at the national level apart from winning many a South Zone. He is also a National level umpire and is presently serving his second term as the Vice-president apart from serving four terms in the EC.

M.R. Kumar - Vice President

An officer in the Reserve Bank of India , Bangalore . A former International Sports person. Represented Karnataka State Hockey Team – Juniors and Senior. He has won medals in Juniors – 2 Golds in National; Seniors- 2Golds in South Zone – 2 Silver in South Zone. Some of his achievements as a Coach are: Juniors – 1 Gold in Nationals/2 Gold in South Zone and 1 Silver in South Zone; Seniors – 1 Silver in National Games/1 Silver in South Zone. A very able and efficient administrator, Kumar has served for more than 2 decades in the Executive Committee of the KSHA. Presently he is serving as Vice President in EC of KSHA for the Second Term and as the Chairman of Building Committee.

Smt. Madhuri .J. Deodhar - Vice President

A keen sport enthusiast and sport promoter from the districts, Ms. Devadhar who hails from Haveri, has been a member of the erstwhile KSWHA and is serving her first term as the VP. Known for her affable manners and personality, Ms. Devadhar has lent a helping hand while organizing tournaments, and has worked towards developing clubs in her district. She is a social activist and works for many organizations.

K. Krishnamurthy - Hon. Secretary

Krishnamurthy has been at the forefront of the KSHA for nearly two decades. Making his entry as an EC member in 1985, Krishnamurthy, in his capacity as the Secretary of the KSHA, a position that he has held with respect and a sense of conscientiousness, has rendered many a services and striven to take the KSHA to its present enviable position as one of the most professional and premier State Hockey Associations in the country. He is a multi-faceted personality who has served the sport as an International Umpire, Manager, Technical expert and Player. He also served the Indian Hockey federation as a Joint Secretary for two terms. His passion for the sport coupled with his dedication to the KSHA made him to voluntarily quit from his employer - Reserve Bank, where he was a professional - to take up the administration full-time. He has also successfully managed the Indian teams on many an occasion. He is literally the man behind the scenes and the ‘brick and mortar’ man credited with building many facilities at the association from a nascent to a matured state.

S.K. Gupta - Hon. Treasurer

Retired Assistant General Manager from the Reserve Bank of India, Sushil represented RBI and institutional teams as a player, subsequent to which he attained the National level in Umpiring in the year 1980. He was a class 1 umpire and officiated in 5 Nationals apart from other major tournaments. He entered the Executive Committee in the year 1978 and subsequently was a member serving till 1995 after which he was made the Treasurer of the Association for the term. Subsequently he held important posts like the Chairman of Finance Committee and pioneered excellent procedures for checks and balances. His financial expertise has often been sought much beyond his role and he has been credited for putting together the financial system even at the National levels. Known for his oratory he is the natural choice for commentating any major hockey event in the State.

S. Nicholas - Joint Secretary

‘Nicky’ as he is fondly called was a former State hockey player. He represented the ITC for well over 4 decades. Known as a very spirited and passionate Sports person, he literally had his ands toil while conducting the famous Clarke Hockey tournament which was conducted by ITC. He has served the Executive Committee for a long time, this is his 4th time in the Committee and 3rd time as the Jt. Secretary. He actively conducts hockey tournaments in KSHA.

A.B. Palangappa - Joint Secretary

Formerly employed with the BEML sports club, Palangappa was an International Umpire and has officiated in many an International and National tournaments. His no-nonsense approach towards the technical and official matters of the sport has earned him many encomiums. This is his 3rd term in the Executive Committee and as a Jt. Secretary.

Ms. Harini Kota - Joint Secretary

Harini was one of the founders of the erstwhile Dhanraj Ballal Hockey Academy (rechristened as the Ashish Ballal Academy) which was started in the year 1999. It was Harini’s brainchild to literally ‘pick em young’ by way of which the Academy was able to train and develop many young children who later went on to represent the Karnataka State Hockey teams. The Academy has done yeoman service by not only spotting the talent but also nurturing them beyond the sport, these youngsters were provided quality education in reputed institutions which sponsored the initiatives, which also subsequently led to the players finding work at high quality corporates. For 3 years she also led the initiative for a residential academy for tribal boys players from Orissa and Manipur. She has served the EC for 2 terms as a member and is currently serving as the Jt. Secretary in an exemplary fashion.


N. Manivannan - EC Member

Former State Hockey Player and a Central Excise Officer, Mani has the distinction of representing both Chennai and Bangalore Central Excise Divisions in hockey. Takes a keen and active interest in promoting hockey not only within the Excise department but also outside. This is his 3rd term as an EC member, and he has played a very active part in the Selection and marketing committees the last time.


John Michael - EC Member

A very active sports promoter and instrumental in developing the BEL colony youth association (BCYA). He was also responsible for structuring the BEL Sports Union and built to its present levels. This is his 4th term as an EC member, and he has represented Karnataka in many capacities such as Manager and Technical Official. His son, Sandeep Michael went up all the way to the International scene and represented India with distinction.


Vinoba - EC Member

Former State player, and served the sport in various capacities for more than two decades. This is his first term in the EC and his active and passionate self would for sure provide a wider canvas for him to serve the sport.


K.A. Erappa - EC Member

Secretary of the Coorg blues sports club and manages a successful sports company. This is his second term in the Executive Committee.


Shri Santhosh Kumar .K - EC Member

First time entrant to the EC. A national umpire of repute and runs the Dhyanchand Hockey Academy. A very keen hockey enthusiast and supporter of the sport, he is also the manager of the Rail Wheel Factory Hockey Team.


M.R. Parameshwaran - EC Member

As a Player, Ramesh represented Mysore/Karnataka State in the Junior/Senior National Hockey Championships and other major All India Hockey Tournaments during the period 1969-81. He also represented INDIA in the 8th Asian Games, held at Bangkok, Thailand in the year 1978 – Silver Medal and in the Pre-Olympics Games held at Moscow 1979 – Silver Medal. He was the recipient of outstanding sportsperson award Government of Karnataka 1979. As a Coach he represented KARNATAKA STATE Hockey team since 1985-86 till date in various Senior National/National & All India Tournaments and also represented India in many major International tournaments in the time period 1995 to 2008. He has also represented the Bangalore Lions in the Premier Hockey League at Chandigarh and Chennai and won the gold and bronze medals respectively. Presently Coach – Indian Oil Corporation – Won most of the All India Tournaments from 2008 till date. Besides, representing the country and Karnataka State both as a player and Coach, Ramesh attended various programmes related with the game of hockey.


M.B. Aiyappa - EC Member

Former international hockey player having the unique distinction of representing both the Tamil Nadu aand Karntaka State teams in the Nationals. He also played for the Reserve Bank teams in both Chennai and BLR. He has also played football for Tamil Nadu. He has been the Treasurer of the KSHA for nearly 14 years, a term that ended recently in 2012. He has been the Manager of the Karnataka teams for several years. As an Assistant Treasurer of the Kodava Samaja, he led and organized the Field Marshal Cariappa Hockey Tournament as the Organizing Secretary for 8 years.


Arockia Dass .C - EC Member

Represented state in juniors & seniors, works for RBI and has represented both football & hockey in RBI and has coached the Karnataka team in many tournaments. This is his 2nd term in the EC.


A.D. Cariappa - EC Member

Former State Player of repute, ‘Cari’ represented both ITI and Karnataka in a very memorable fashion. He is also a National level umpire and has officiated in many tournaments. A very keen student of the sport and observes every little detail, and yet is a very kind hearted sportsman. This is his 2nd term in the EC.


C. Joseph Irudianathan - EC Member|

Played for the State Bank of India and is the senior most EC member. He has managed the Karnataka teams with efficiency and success at the Junior and Senior National level tournaments.


G. Suresh - EC Member

A Masters in Economics and a Senior Manager in the Reserve Bank of India, Suresh has represented the RBI Hockey teams in many well known tournaments. He has been a National level umpire since 27 years, and has officiated in many National level tournaments.


Chandrashekar .N - EC Member

First time entrant to the EC and a successful businessman. A sports promoter, so his love for sports propelled him to serve the sport.


Philips Rajkumar - EC Member

A former State hockey player, works with the Accountant General Office, has played a role in facilitating the merger of the men and women associations at the State level. A very keen and extremely conscientious individual who has devoted himself well above and beyond the requirements.


Suresh Aildas - EC Member

Social activist and successful businessman whose love for the sport has motivated him to serve the association. He has successfully overseen the development of the Clubhouse since its nascent days and also served the association in many committees in various capacities.


G. Parimal Kumar - EC Member

Former state hockey player and National Umpire. He has coached the Karnataka teams in various tournaments. Represented HAL with many a success. Plays four roles as Umpires Manager, TO, Coach and Player.


Smt. Rajani Gopal - EC Member

A banking professional who works with the Canara Bank, Rajani was involved with the erstwhile State Women’s Hockey for nearly a decade. She has been a keen student and served the sport while the women’s hockey association organized many National level tournaments. Her astuteness in raising funds and at the same time maintaining the accounts during National level tournaments earned her aplombs from many a quarter. Known as an Organized individual she brought order to many a functions within the Organizing Committee and sustained leadership in many of the areas.

Smt. Pankajaveni .R - EC Member

A former football player of Karnataka, Pankajaveni is also an officer at the Canara Bank. She brings her Public Relations side to her work by having a very effective but extroverted approach to management of the sport. She served the erstwhile State Women’s hockey in an exemplary fashion and was its Secretary, Jt. Secretary as well as member of various committees. Her enthusiasm coupled with her knowledge and efficacy makes her an upcoming and outstanding sport administrator.

Smt. Devarajamma .M.K - EC Member

Devarajamma captained Mysore University Hockey on 5 occasions and she made it to the State team for the nationals held in Bangalore in 1984. At the Coimbatore Women Hockey Nationals in 1986, she was part of the gold-medal winning Karnataka team and continued representing the state for 5 years. She also gained a berth in the India camp ahead of the second Indira Gandhi International tournament in New Delhi in 1987. After that experience the centre forward chose to do her NIS at SAI South Centre and passed with flying colours and was inducted to coach the junior Indian team in 1989 at Lucknow. Sport School Kudige, of which she was the Coach played in the Junior Nehru Cup and won her the ‘best coach' award in 1991.


Smt. Kamala Srinivasan - EC Member

Kamala has represented India at the highest levels and was the only lady player from Karnataka to have played in the last World Cup Hockey for Women that India had qualified for. Kamala was an ace player during her heydays and has also won medals at the World Masters level Athletic tournaments. She has been the Secretary of the erstwhile women’s hockey association for a while and has also served many a tournaments either as the Director or as a Table official with distinction. She has won many a heart with her quiet and self-efficacing manner of work.