The progress and development of any Organization is an on going process and at any stage it cannot be limited itself as saturated. It is the same with the KarnatakaState Hockey Association too and it has set in certain vision for the future both on the hockey as well a on the club house fronts. These visions needed to be fructified with collective determination of the Executive Council and it is the responsibility of this Body to augment required resources to accomplish the road map that have been set in as vision document

What is seriously engaging in the minds of the Association is to put up an exclusive Sports Complex and thereby make available all the indoor games facilities in one set place to its Members. Though, as of now, a few sports facilities - swimming, billiards / snooker,fitness centre etc., are available, however, there are dire needs to have games such as badminton, squash, table tennis, chess etc. so as to broad base the activities as well as to make available to the members as facilities.

This mega project will entail huge expenditure and it is the responsibility of the Association to plan, raise funds and execute to make it as a full fledged clubhouse. KSHA Club House has a lot of potential to develop in a big way and the key for achieving them, is through collective efforts and will to accomplish the task. It is hoped that this cherished dream unfolds into a reality.

  • Strengthening the District Hockey - despite best efforts to elevate the district / rural hockey, it must be said with honesty that it has not grown or uplifted itself to the expected level.
  • The core reason being that the basic infrastructure facilities are not available at many Centres combined with lack of resources. As far as the infrastructure is concerned, the state government presently through centrally funded PYYKA scheme creating sports infrastructure in district / taluk centres and to some extent this would serve the purpose of overcoming the lack of infrastructure facilities and Association as such, perhaps is handicapped to do anything beyond the government’s intended creation of infrastructure.
  • However, more significantly, the Associationcertainly will have to deliver in providing resources to meet the basic requirements of sustenance of district units.
  • In this end in view, the present Executive Council in its very first meeting after assuming the office has taken a conscious decision of mopping up funds to the extent of Rs. 10 lakh every year to support various district units for furtherance of the hockey activities.
  • This is a huge challenge and it is for the Association to take up the challenge to ameliorate the less privileged section of the hockey family.
  • While it is perceived to take district / rural hockey towards a progressive path, it is to be said with tinge of sadness that the Association’s deplores the lack of staying accommodation facilities at the KSHA hockey stadium to the district / rural hockey teams whenever they arrive in Bangalore for taking part in the hockey events.
  • KSHA has a moral and bounden duty to do something in this regard and hence, it proposes to put up a few dormitory accommodation facilities within the stadium premises itself so as to ensure that these teams stay comfortably.
  • While KSHA is determined to provide staying accommodation, it is to be mentioned that due to one reason or another, what has been conceived is not getting fructified and hopes are not lost, it would continue to strive for getting this basic facility achieved.
  • Needless to say that the hockey activities are conducted through well chalked out annual calendar of events and gets fulfilled. But, what is sorely being missed in the calendar of events is a major Invitational All India Hockey Tournament.
  • Once the pride of Karnataka hockey, the Maharaja’s Gold Cup which used to attract top notchteams from all over the country is getting eluded for revival and a serious thoughtprocess is churning to revive and to make it as a viable annual event with attractive cash prize.
  • The thrust of Karnataka Women’s Hockey is presently entrenched in just one or two centres. Though these centres have infrastructure and training facilities, it must be said that this itself is not suffice for competitive hockey and it will be pertinent to mention that only playing in competition will enhance the skill of the players.
  • The need of the hour is that SAI / DYSS required to be goaded to shift their women’s sports hostels at Madikeri and Mysore respectively to Bangalore, or to start an additional one in Bangalore. Unless, the women players play in competitions, their standard cannot go up and much less, it would become neigh impossible for players from Karnataka to in road into the national teams.
  • Although the erstwhile state womens hockey association had in the last decade promoted and spread the sport for women and girls in diverse districts such as Bellary, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Hubli, Haveri, Udupi, Doddaballapur, Hoskote and Hassan, It has been very hard to sustain those efforts as retaining the interest for hockey in the minds of girl players in these areas has been difficult.
  • The state womens hockey association had also strived and had been at the forefront in organizing both International and National tournaments for Women at all levels (Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior) during the last decade, primarily with a view to attract and promote the sport among the younger generation of women in Karnataka, yet the response has not been as expected.
  • Hence KSHA aims to reach out to schools and institutions across the state with a view to attract the younger women talent. It is also imperative that the SAI / DYSS hostels are shifted to Bangalore and they take part in several hockey events all over the country. KSHA is thinking and toying with the idea as to whether it would be appropriate to discuss the matter with both SAI and DYSS and prevail upon them in this regard.
  • For raising the standard of the Karnataka women’s hockey, it is essential that a serious thought is applied by one and all. Equally it is also necessary to bring in more women hockey players in the scene as sadly the number is dwindling as of now.
  • Hockey Sport is managed and administered by the Association and it has a primary responsibility in nurturing and developing the hockey game through the players. Players are precious for sustaining the game and therefore, it is imperative that players are moulded and shaped for attaining the excellence.
  • Karnataka is in the forefront in producing players and acting as a catalyst for several years now in making available of the players to the national team and this trend should continue in future too. For this, Association should continue to strive to have a stream of players by providing adequate support and encouragement.
  • Coaching / Training and plethora of competition helps the cause and the vision of the Association is to be a leader in guiding both hockey and job careers.

One of the primary objectives of the Association is to promote the game of hockey in the KarnatakaState. To attain this main objective, the game needed to be spread across the breadth and length of the State. The moot question is how do you spread? How do you create interest? How do you lure youngsters in taking up playing? Hockey is such a game, it does not attract players to it fold voluntarily and they need to be lured into with facilities / incentives. To make more and more players taking up playing the game, it was decided to start HockeyAcademy by the Association a couple of years ago. Experienced coaches have been drafted into to fulfil the objective. Letters were sent to scores of Educational Institutions and urging them to send their wards for free coaching / training three days in a week and round the year at the KSHA synthetic hockey pitch. In short the concept of the Academy is to impart free coaching and spread the net. And, follow it up with identifying the talents and nurture them.

Around 50 players on any given day assemble at the hockey pitch and train themselves with aid coming from coaches. KSHA makes all the facilities available to the trainers in the Academy completely free together with nourishment. In addition, the Academy session also provides a facility to such of the players to whom getting trained at the synthetic hockey pitch is a distant dream.

Though, initially, the Academy was started with a aim to rope in as many youngsters as possible from the Schools to spread the hockey sport, it must be said that en-route, it meandered through to help all the players to have the feel and get trained in hockey pitch and develop themselves to attain standard. Today, no player could say that the Association is not helping him / her in learning and developing the skill of the game. KSHA funds for Academy’s growth and its progress. All that the Association now seeks for is that more and more players to avail of the free facilities and be a part of the bigger spread.