The object of the Association shall be to encourage, promote, govern and develop the game of hockey in the Karnataka State and such other territories as that may be assigned to the Association by the Unified National Hockey Body.


To organize, regulate, help, authorize and control all tournaments and exhibition games within its jurisdiction.


The Association shall authorize the formation of District Hockey Associations to encourage, promote, govern, and develop the game in such territories as may be assigned to them.


To promote social and cultural activities, to create facilities for playing indoor and outdoor games within its own hockey stadium premises, to provide staying accommodation, to run restaurant etc., as privileges for the members, their dependents and guests of the Association.


To arrange, supervise and regulate visits of teams.


To create, foster, maintain friendly and cordial relationship through sports tournaments and competitions connected therewith and to create a healthy spirit in the country through the medium of sports in general and hockey in particular.


To be the official organization and complete and sole charge of all matters concerned with the game of hockey in Karnataka.


To instill the spirit of sportsmanship in deserving hockey players and to develop a good standard as also ideal of hockey amongst the young players and members of the affiliated hockey playing units


To select teams to represent the Association in any tournament and championship in local and other centres.


To seek assistance from the State / Central Governments for furthering the cause of the game and also towards providing infrastructure, support and development.


To seek affiliation and maintain affiliation with Karnataka Olympic Association, National Hockey Body, and any other such Sports Associations having similar aims and objects.


With a view to accomplish the objects:

  • To arrange and manage among various other things league and / or any other tournaments.

  • To control, regulate and manage all domestic tournaments and matches in Karnataka and regulate and manage International events when allotted to Karnataka.

  • To start and maintain a journal devoted to sports in general and hockey in particular.

  • To maintain a library of books, periodicals and other literature on sports in general and hockey in particular.

  • To make provision for coaching the deserving persons in various departments of the game.

  • To engage person or any competent persons or administrators and to pay remuneration or honorarium to them.

  • To start or sponsor and /or to subscribe to any fund for the benefit of hockey players and their families.

  • To collect and spend funds for the purpose of the Association and to utilize such funds for hockey activities and over all development in such manner as the Executive Council of the Association may consider desirable for the fulfillment of the objects of the Association. Any single capital work where expenditure is estimated to cost more than Rs. 10 lakhs with the margin of 10% escalation, such funds shall be expended only after the approval of either of the general or special meeting of the Association.

    To do all such other acts, deeds and things as are incidental to or as the Association may deem conducive to the attainment of the objects specified above.